Monday, August 18, 2008

WAR supports War

It has been a puzzle why so many pro-war "libertarians" would support Wayne Allen Root after he switched from being pro-war to pro-defense in order to gain support during the primaries. After all, the belief that the US military should only defend the US and not attack other countries willy-nilly, and should certainly pull out of the middle east, is the pro-defense mainstream libertarian position, and one Root did not hold before he entered the primaries.

He switched from pro-war to pro-defense. Now that he has secured the nomination, he has switched from pro-defense to pro-war. His conversion was never genuine, it was only a tactic.

That explains why the pro-war "libertarians" continued to support him when he switched to pro-defense. They also knew his concersion was never genuine. In the opinion of Root, the success of the escalation in Iraq should be applied to Afghanistan.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Barr and Root's true colors

According to Classically Liberal, Bob Barr has handlers to prevent libertarians from asking him questions about how he deviates from libertarian positions.

According to Independent Political Report (and as printed without attribution and Third Party Watch) Bob Barr disagrees with the Libertarian Party about whether or not the Federal Government should bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Libertarians say it shouldn't, Barr and conservatives say it should.

According to Third Party Watch, Wayne Allen Root listed the top concerns of American Voters and didn't mention the war. But he did mention a terrorist crisis that the government needs to handle. He never abandoned his pro-war position, he only hid it and winked to all his pro-war supporters who continued to wink back at him while he claimed to be anti-war.

It is time for the Libertarian Party Executive Committee to file a case before the Judicial Committee to have the candidates removed for openly and blatantly opposing the platform of the Libertarian Party

Friday, June 27, 2008

"Libertarian" Barr panders to racists and bigots.

From Classically Liberal

This blog has argued that the reason Barr, Viguerie and other conservatives were trying to take over the (formerly) Libertarian Party was to turn it into a vehicle to attack the Republicans for nominating McCain. They want to strip votes away from McCain on the Right so that he will lose. This, they hope, will bring back the dominance that the far Right previously held in the party, but which they lost out to the neo-cons.

In other words their goal is NOT to build the (formerly) Libertarian Party but to use the party as a means of taking over the Republican Party. The LP is but a tool for their use, which shows the naivety of those Libertarians who argued that having Barr lead the ticket “would build the party”. Of course to accomplish that goal Barr can’t really run as a Libertarian. He doesn’t want the libertarian vote, he wants the conservative vote.

See the rest at Classically Liberal

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Importance of Strategy

One thing libertarians often lose sight of is strategy. This applies to both those inside the party and those outside, and to both the libertarian caucus and the reform caucus.

In California two ballot propositions were up for vote. Both of them promised eminent domain reform. Proposition 98 included very strong eminent domain reform, and also included rent control reform. It was a perfect libertarian initiative in that if it had passed it would have restored and protected the right of private property. Proposition 99 was a very weak eminent domain reform that basically left the balance of power in the hands of the city and county governments. Proposition 98 was written because of the discontent with Kelo versus New London. Proposition 99 was written to protect the cities and counties from proposition 98.

The advertisements for 99 pointed out that 98 was advertised as an eminent domain reform but contained a "hidden agenda" against rent control. The advertisements neglected to mention that rent control is a failure every time it is tried. Instead they simply ended by saying 98 was against rent control as if that alone were proof of the sinister nature of 98, and they correctly pointed out that 98 was a bundled measure and if one part passed the whole thing passed.

Proposition 99 feed on the discontent against eminent domain, and the measure that protected eminent domain rode to victory with the votes of those who wanted to reform eminent domain. Proposition 98 was defeated by the same margin by those who felt that the measure was dishonest.

At the 2008 Libertarian Party convention, the Reform Caucus beat the Libertarian Caucus. Mainstream libertarians are not represented on the 2008 Libertarian Party presidential ticket. It would have been a good move on the part of the Reform Caucus to sponsor a unity ticket with a prominent member of the Libertarian Caucus in the Vice Presidential Candidate slot. Failing to think strategically the Reform Caucus wanted their victory over the Libertarian Caucus to be thorough. Now the result is a weakened candidate. There is much discontent within Libertarian Party ranks over this ticket.

Bob Barr is campaigning for votes outside the Libertarian Party. What he is neglecting is that he should be campaigning for votes inside the Libertarian Party as well. The Reform Caucus has, by choosing victory over strategy, alienated a large portion of the Libertarian Party. The reaction from the candidate himself has been "I'm the candidate so you will vote for me." The reaction from the Reform Caucus has been to accuse everyone who hasn't warmly and happily embraced the ticket of being sore losers, wanting to destroy the party, et cetera. The truth is that by placing victory at the convention over strategy, the Reform Caucus is more guilty of trying to fracture the party than the disenfranchised Libertarian Caucus is.

Barr does need to spend time advertising to the base. He is neglecting that duty, relying on "you have to vote for me" to get the votes from the base. Libertarians are notorious for rejecting calls for "you have to vote for me" as a substantial portion of libertarians are converts from major parties and those converts realized that they don’t have to vote for the candidate of the party. It doesn’t matter that the hated other party will win if the candidate for the party is just as bad. That’s not to say that Barr is as bad as Obama or McCain – he most certainly is not as bad as them. The question resolves to is he good enough to get the vote of those who will actually analyze a candidate instead of showing blind party loyalty.

Strategy is important. A better thinking of strategy by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assocation and Proposition 98 would have passed. A better thinking of strategy by the Reform Caucus and Barr wouldn’t have to worry about getting the libertarian vote and could concentrate on the independent vote. As it stands now he has the potential to gain one at the expense of the other, and that will not result in the growth that the Reform Caucus promised the rest of the party when they rammed a double reform ticket down the throats of everyone else.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mass. LP elector won’t vote for Barr; speaks out

From Indepependent Political Report

From Arthur Torrey, Libertarian Party of Massachusetts Operations Facilitator:

As perhaps the only potential elector who has clearly and distinctly stated that he could not cast an electoral vote for Barr in the admittedly unlikely event that I was called on to serve, I’m finding that a certain amount of heat has been falling upon me, while others are responding positively to my comments about Barr’s unsuitability for the LP Presidential nomination.


One of the things that I find frustrating is that while many people are expressing upset over Barr’s nomination, I’m not seeing any clear signs of coordinated efforts to oppose Barr, or do anything else about the situation. Rumours abound, but I haven’t seen or heard much about any definite plans to DO anything… I have to say that I’m less than thrilled by the somewhat muted response of my own Mass. State Committee, but it seems we are doing more than most. Right now it looks like Mass. will put Barr / Root on the ballot, only because doing so is the only way we can get our US Senate candidate on, but will do little beyond that to aid the Presidential campaign. Instead we will urge our members to support Bob Underwoods Senate campaign, the Income Tax Repeal and Marijuana Decrim ballot initiatives, and so forth.

The problem with that suggestion is that there really isn't much to do. The convention has happened, the Mainstream Libertarian Caucus lost to the Reform Caucus. The only thing to do other than fracture the party over this is to prepare for the 2010 convention to improve the platform and the 2012 convention and nominate a mainstream libertarian similar in beliefs to Ruwart or Kubby.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Message from Tom Knapp for Congress

Dear friends and supporters,

I recently visited Denver as a delegate to our party’s national convention, at which we nominated Bob Barr for President of the United States. Congressman Barr’s running mate is businessman Wayne Allyn Root. Between now and November, I’ll be working hard to earn
your vote for our presidential ticket as well as for myself.

So far, my campaign has consisted of attending a few community events, distributing fliers and talking one on one with Missourians in the 2nd District. Over the coming months you’ll see more of that—and you’ll start seeing mailings, lit drops, yard signs and the other trappings of a real political campaign as well.