Monday, August 18, 2008

WAR supports War

It has been a puzzle why so many pro-war "libertarians" would support Wayne Allen Root after he switched from being pro-war to pro-defense in order to gain support during the primaries. After all, the belief that the US military should only defend the US and not attack other countries willy-nilly, and should certainly pull out of the middle east, is the pro-defense mainstream libertarian position, and one Root did not hold before he entered the primaries.

He switched from pro-war to pro-defense. Now that he has secured the nomination, he has switched from pro-defense to pro-war. His conversion was never genuine, it was only a tactic.

That explains why the pro-war "libertarians" continued to support him when he switched to pro-defense. They also knew his concersion was never genuine. In the opinion of Root, the success of the escalation in Iraq should be applied to Afghanistan.

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