Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mass. LP elector won’t vote for Barr; speaks out

From Indepependent Political Report

From Arthur Torrey, Libertarian Party of Massachusetts Operations Facilitator:

As perhaps the only potential elector who has clearly and distinctly stated that he could not cast an electoral vote for Barr in the admittedly unlikely event that I was called on to serve, I’m finding that a certain amount of heat has been falling upon me, while others are responding positively to my comments about Barr’s unsuitability for the LP Presidential nomination.


One of the things that I find frustrating is that while many people are expressing upset over Barr’s nomination, I’m not seeing any clear signs of coordinated efforts to oppose Barr, or do anything else about the situation. Rumours abound, but I haven’t seen or heard much about any definite plans to DO anything… I have to say that I’m less than thrilled by the somewhat muted response of my own Mass. State Committee, but it seems we are doing more than most. Right now it looks like Mass. will put Barr / Root on the ballot, only because doing so is the only way we can get our US Senate candidate on, but will do little beyond that to aid the Presidential campaign. Instead we will urge our members to support Bob Underwoods Senate campaign, the Income Tax Repeal and Marijuana Decrim ballot initiatives, and so forth.

The problem with that suggestion is that there really isn't much to do. The convention has happened, the Mainstream Libertarian Caucus lost to the Reform Caucus. The only thing to do other than fracture the party over this is to prepare for the 2010 convention to improve the platform and the 2012 convention and nominate a mainstream libertarian similar in beliefs to Ruwart or Kubby.

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